Business Culture Consulting

For owners and supervisors.

Counter the “us” vs. “them” mentality

Many employees see the business owner as the enemy, the bad guy, the one stealing what ought to be theirs. With a sense of entitlement, they imagine getting ahead at the expense of the owner.

But that’s exactly backward: employees and owners succeed together or not at all.

You make this clear by changing the corporate culture. We’ll train you.


Yours is more than merely a business.

Your business is more than what most people consider merely a business. And a job at your business is more than what most people consider merely a job. Your business is an organized team that creates wealth by providing value for people. A job at your business is an invitation to join that team, create wealth, and help in the work of providing value for people.

Attract and train employees to match.

Our coaching will help you craft language and a strategy to market new job openings in your company that will attract those from outside your company who are most interested in producing value. And the Business Culture Consulting teaches your company’s leadership how to reinforce to existing employees the idea that they create their own best future by creating new wealth.

Dr. Thomas Krannawitter teaches

Starting with every new hire.

Let us help you refine the way you publish job openings, the screening and interview process, and new employee orientation in order to build a cultural foundation of productivity. From day one, your employees will understand that your business is a perfect opportunity to create wealth for themselves by becoming more valuable in the eyes of fellow employees, supervisors, owners, and customers.

And end the “us” vs. “them” mentality.

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Success Stories

The most important things are the most basic, the fundamentals. That’s the value of Upward training. It reminds our employees of the basic proposition of our entire business: We get more of what we want by working together to produce more of what others want. Upward trainers do a great job of saying to employees things that employers should say, but often don’t.

Jody Randall

Chief Administrative Officer, American Civil Constructors

With Upward training, my employees have come to appreciate that each can improve his or her own life, individually, by working together as a team and creating value for each other and our customers.

Susan Kochevar

Owner, 88 Drive-In Theatre