Live Employee Training

Improve employee culture, reduce turnover, and boost the bottom line of your business at the same time.


Interactive Seminars for Employees

Building on the ideas in the Business Basics online training, this live seminar experience drills deeper into these cornerstone fundamentals, and explores what they mean for employees at your business.

What kind of business is this for?

  • Any enterprise with growth in mind.
  • Any business that hires workers, especially younger ones.
  • Any company that wants more productive, happier employees.

What will my employees learn?

  • How new wealth is created.
  • Why productive work is the key to helping one’s self by helping others.
  • Why the efficiencies of businesses are key to human progress.

How does this help my business?

Upward training shows employees how to get more of what they want by helping customers and coworkers get more of what they want. Upward training also helps employees understand the incredible risks business owners often endure to make a business go. The results are employees who appreciate the opportunity to be part of a wealth-creating business, which means lower turnover, more productivity, happier employees, happier customers, and happier owners.

How can I learn more?

Inquire about availability on our Contact page.


Satisfied Customers

The term value is used so ambiguously today, as a kind of catchall slogan, that it has lost much of its meaning. That’s why Upward training benefitted our team and our customers so much: It helped us — each, individually — everyone, as a team — to restore the true meaning of value by reminding us that it’s in an employee’s self-interest to provide more of what coworkers and clients value. Thank you!
Andy Holloman

Holloman & Associates Corp., American Family Insurance

My business was struggling with employee attitudes of entitlement and, as a result, lots of turnover. Upward helped to transform our employee culture in a wonderful, productive way. Rather than asking “What’s in it for me,” my employees now ask first, “How can I become more valuable?” They now look for opportunities to solve problems and increase efficiencies, while turnover rates have gone down.
Bob Schleicher

Owner, St. Francis Woods: Supportive Living Facility